It is interesting to see people desiring to be successful. Desiring to reach more people yet hesitant to "sell." I do understand. "Salesmen" have a bad reputation.

We have all experienced not receiving 'the value expected' -- because we 'got sold to' --


In order to finance and grow your business (AKA reach more people) you do need money --

and in order for your business to make money -- 'clients must be sold.'

That DOES NOT mean you have to manipulate or 'close' people like a bad, desperate salesman.

Here's what it does mean -- YOU SIMPLY MUST...

-- "Get comfortable with your clients Discomfort (Hesitation) with spending money.

They only have that hesitation because of bad experiences (not getting the value expected) in the past.

-- Don't take that personally. It has nothing to do with you. It's THEIR hesitation from PAST experiences. (NOTHING to do with you)



-- Articulate and DEMONSTRATE that Value to People.


-- Speak CONVINCINGLY of that Value.


-- Gently ask if They'd Like to Participate in Your Offering.

That's how you "Sell Without Manipulation" or "Exaggeration" or "Closing." Just tell the truth in an articulate and emphatic way and 'check in' to see if they'd like the value you have to offer.

That's IT!!

It's actually a real pleasure to help clients do this and then watch them deliver it. As soon as they do - EVERYTHING CHANGES!!

Life has a "SIMPLE EASE" to it!!


One client has generated over $50K in the past ten days. LOVE THAT!

Another client just landed her first 5-figure private client. LOVE THAT! And 2 clients have had massive "Genius Content Creation" Breakthroughs. SUPER LOVE THAT!

And these are all people with a true desire to 'make a difference!" So fulfilling to participate so intimately in THAT!

On the 'spur of the moment' I'm taking Kylie to "Barcelona" (restaurant in Melbourne)

Success is an "Exacting Architecture!!


I just have to say writing "A" book doesn't make you an expert. I know many people who have written a book -- they HAVE thousands of books in their garage to prove it. all the energy and money they put into it didn't at all help them achieve "expert status."

It's NOT 'any' book. It's a STUNNING book.

STEP ONE: Write something original, unique, timely and captivating.

-- What's needed to do THAT?

***The ability to unpack your unconscious competence = Unique and Original... Genius content!

STEP TWO: Market the book without spending two years to sell 1000 of them.

-- What's needed to do THAT?

***A SELF-FUNDING book-specific marketing strategy that you can turn on and off... 'at will.'

Getting it right is... "An Exacting Architecture."

Anything Profitable Is!